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Marriage, Family Social Work Service Station Opens in N Chin

Time: 11:15 Dec-16

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Taiyuan Social Work Research Center in north China's recently established a Marriage and Family Social Work Service Station, aiming to provide professional guidance to local families.

The pilot project, co-organized by Taiyuan Marriage and Family Development Association, follows the ideas and methods of social practice, and will focus on five aspects: counseling, marriage guidance, conflict resolution, role recognition and family education.

As part of the scheme, organizers have produced the Happy Family Handbook for locals and will provide professional guidance on scientific prenatal and postnatal care for recently-married couples.

Meanwhile, organizers conducted a questionnaire to learn about the family status of couples, the pre-marital relationships of recently-married couples and the child-raising plans of people who are divorced.

Besides, organizers investigated the topic of divorce intention and recovery probability. They will also provide relationship management and conflict resolution services to help couples establish communication skills and a harmonious family atmosphere.

In addition, they will conduct regular follow up interviews to ensure the lasting effect of the professional guidance.

"The pilot project will help optimize the relationship between husbands and wives, solve many forms of marriage crisis and finally construct a happy family," said an official at the center.

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